Getting Pregnant – Healing Infertility

Overcoming difficulties getting pregnant

Getting pregnant should be a joyous adventure, but infertility can put a huge strain on every aspect of your life. Encountering difficulties in getting pregnant can affect your relationship with your partner, your enthusiasm for life and your overall wellbeing.

You may feel that getting pregnant is the only focus in your life and being unable to conceive means you are ‘defective’ or ‘at fault’. You feel that any time spent not getting pregnant is time wasted. You feel your biological clock is ticking and there are too many decisions to make regarding having a baby. Understandably you are anxious, deflated and desperate.

You are not alone – and expensive IVF treatments are not the only option.

Natural infertility treatments are a real solution

As a father, I have experienced the difficulties of infertility first hand; the stress and the heartbreak.

The mother of my 26 year old son was considered infertile, having tried to conceive for more than 12 years in a previous relationship. She had used every method possible including multiple IVF procedures. As a medical intuitive healer, I used my fertility enhancing knowledge and abilities to help her achieve the child we so deeply desired. Just one year later, she became pregnant and delivered our beautiful son, proving  that through medical intuition you CAN get pregnant, carry your baby and experience all the joys of being a mother.

There are many natural healing options for getting pregnant

Medical intuition assists healing on a physical, energetic and spiritual level. It focuses on empowering your growth and healing, enhancing chances for pregnancy by removing obstacles to fertility, one by one, safely and gently along with full participation of both partners.

Working together, we are co-creators of change and transformation. Sometimes all that is required is a small adjustment to open the flow of blocked energy.

It’s important that you feel fully in charge of the fertility co-creation process my medical intuition offers. I ‘read’ your body authentically and clearly.

What does a consultation with me involve?

First and foremost, you will be listened to deeply and supportively, without judgment, in an authentic, unconditional fashion. Each session is unique to you; a personalized reading of all aspects of yourself.

It will be like having a safe and open conversation with someone you trust. Moving from the general to the specific as issues are identified and your needs are explored.

You will receive a recording of your sessions and a concise, individualized plan to follow. I work from the heart, assisting you in contacting your emotions and reconnecting you to your inner being.  Along the way, I help remove what interferes with the flow of life-energy that naturally brings you to wholeness, creativity and joy – and assists in the ultimate goal of getting pregnant.

Why wait? Contact me today

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